Monday, 3 January 2011

BodinRocker - Mysterious Man

Genre - Classic Rock - Powerpop
Label - Bearman music
Tracklisting -

01. Life Is A Mystery
02. Get Me On The Road
03. 526
04. Back On Track
05. No Destination
06. This Is Life
07. Scooter
08. Mysterious Man
09. Endless Pain
10. Legend Of The Saviour
Bodinrocker is Anders Bodin from Gothenburg, Sweden.He delivers a laid back almost 60's / 70's inspired rock n roll, a great chill out album. All of the songs are of the highest quality possible, and very well executed. Although Bodinrocker is a solo project Id love to see him form a band around this album as he diffidently has something fresh to offer the music scene.
Some of the stand out tracks include, Life Is A Mystery, 526 and Legend Of The Saviour.
Highly recommended
Website -
Rating - 9/10

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