Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fastway - Eat Dog Eat

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Track listing -

01. Deliver Me
02. Fade Out
03. Leave the Light On
04. Loving Fool
05. Dead and Gone
06. Sick as a Dog
07. Freedom Song
08. Do You Believe
09. Love I Need
10. On and On
11. Only If You Want It

With a line up featuring the likes of Toby Jepson - Vocals (Little Angels, Fastway, Gun, Toby and the Whole Truth), Eddie "Fast" Clarke - Guitars (ex-Motörhead, Fastway), Steve Strange - Drums (Fastway), and John McManus - Bass (ex - Mama's Boys, Celtus, Fastway) it would be fair to say that we could expect something special from this album, and to be fair it delivers. What we get here is eleven very finely crafted songs combining the blistering guitar work of the legendary Eddie Clarke withe the amazing vocal talents of Toby Jepson, this makes for a great combination and some great hard rock moments.
Every song has something to offer but the real gem here for me is "Dead and Gone", a truly great track that really hhighlights the entire bands talents at their best.
This album is not just a nostalgic walk down memory lane, or yet another group of aging musicians desperatly trying to re-capture long gone memories, but rather it is a strong relevant release from a group of immensly talented musicians whostill have a hell of a lot to offer the music world of today!

A very strong album well worth checking out!

rating - 9/10

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