Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Baby Scream - Baby Scream (Special Extended Edition)

Genre - Hard Rock / Powerpop / Pop / Alternative
Label - OK Records

Track listing:

01 - Powerpop Crush
02 - Exile
03 - Jekyll & Hyde
04 - Mental Case
05 - The Ghosts Of Valerie
06 - Waching The End Of The World (On TV)
07 - Nipone
08 - Lazy
09 - What About You?
10 - Twenty Seven
11 - Jekyll & Hyde (2005 demo)
12 - Powerpop Crush (Muddy's Mix)
13 - Jekyll & Hyde (Muddy's Mix)
14 - Watching The End Of The World (On TV) (Muddy's Mix)

On April 2nd Ok Records  are releasing and expanded edition of Baby Scream's 2010 self titled album (original review can be found here) that contains an additional four bonus tracks, three alternate mixes and a demo from 2005.
Now it is no secret that I am a huge fan of both Baby Scream and this album. Here Juan Pablo Mazzols's voice just drips with emotion, the songs are structured perfectly combining classic rock riffs with power pop sensibilities, perfect, simply perfect!
Songs like Lazy, Watching The End Of The World... and quite possibly my favorite song of all time The Ghosts Of Valerie are just sublime. As I have stated before Baby Scream are the perfect mix of John lennon and T-Rex and well, you just cant go wrong can you?
Of the bonus tracks its only the 2005 demo of Jekyll & Hyde and the Muddy's mix of Watching The End Of The World (On TV) that really move me, I could take or leave the other two, but as I have said previously, I honestly believe this album to be perfect any way and in no need of bonus tracks.
Its great to see this awesome album get a second bite of the cherry so to speak, I just hope that it gets the promotion that both the album and Juan deserve because the world deserves to hear Baby Scream.
This album comes very highly reconmended as its both a great introduction to Baby Scream and well its a great album!

Rating 10/10

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