Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Union - The World Is Yours

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Blues Rock
Label - Pledge Music

Track listing:
01. Sawtooth Mountain Ride Pt. 1

02. You're My Jesus

03. Tonight I'm Alive

04. Fading Out Of Love
05. The World Is Yours
06. To Say Goodbye
07. The Perfect Crime
08. Tangled Up In You
09. Lost To The Wind
10. What Doesn't Kill You
11. Marie Celeste
12. Wreck My Scene
13. This Is A London Song
14. You Can Share My Dreams
15. Sawtooth Mountain Ride Pt. 2
16. Let The River Rise (Acoustic) [bonus track]

Let me get things started by saying that the following review is not mine, but I simply could not agree with what it says any more if I tried. This album is truly fantastic and well worth checking out if you have been a fan of The Union's previous two album's or either Thunder or Winterville.

The Union are -

Pete Shoulder – Lead vocals, Guitar
Luke Morley – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Chris Childs – Bass

Dave McCluskey – Drums

"In the business for more than 30 years, Luke Morley has been producing quality rock music since his ol' days with Terraplane, then with at this point legends Thunder, and lately with ex Winterville singer Peter Shoulder under the name THE UNION.
"The World Is Yours" is the third release from the duo, and they show no signs of the quality dropping.
More accessible than either of the band’s previous two CD's and yet, paradoxically, a much more comprehensive body of work, it brings the pantheon of bluesy (hard) rock full circle.
Perhaps reflecting the veteran status of Morley and the relative youth of frontman Pete Shoulder, this is an album that fuses the genre’s proud heritage with a refreshingly modern spin.
The CD opens subtly enough with the short acoustic guitar piece "Sawtooth Mountain Ride" before firing into the hard blues driven "You’re My Jesus". The lyrics are like poetry and Shoulder’s soulful voice is in top form as per usual, while Morley feels free to express his six-string passion and class proving he has not lost the 'mojo'.
This track perfectly encapsulates everything that The Union are about and sets up the album in perfect fashion.
"Tonight I’m Alive" is an upbeat, radio friendly summer song with a really feel-good vibe, followed up nicely by "Fading Out Of Love" which is one of my favourite tracks from the album. It’s a soulful blues ballad which is delivered with such ease it’s hard not to take a moment and just listen to Shoulder’s voice. What a vocal performance, a real spine tingler. Not many can do this type of tunes better than these guys can.
Title track "The World Is Yours" picks things up a bit and we get a rockin' number where Morley’s guitar skills are on full display with groove laden riffs reminiscent of early Zeppelin. It’s a mighty track with terrific drums patterns from the always effective Dave McClusky.
This album never gets tired because there's enough variation and grip to keep you rocking (fast or slowly).
After the kickin' title track the gentle acoustic classic rock of "To Say Goodbye" it's charming, and then the band rock your socks again with the groovy, upbeat "The Perfect Crime", a modern hard rocker with a mammoth rhythm section.
"What Doesn't Kill You" rocks again in classic seventies way and then "Marie Celeste" draws another curve ball with a banjo, percussions and belted out by superb singing.
But Morley has hard rock fluid in his veins and next "Wreck My Scene" rocks fast, furious, mean, frantic and short, as in only 2:14 min they leave you without breath.
And there's more: the melodic yet rockin' "This Is A London Song", the lovely "You Can Share My Dreams", and as bonus a fantastic acoustic version of "Let The River Rise" live from Luke's studio. This one among other acoustics will be included in the Deluxe Version of the album featuring a bonus CD.
"The World Is Yours" follows the same philosophy as the band's first two albums: diversity and class.
Listening to the guitar playing of Luke Morley (you can see why David Coverdale tried to tap him up for Whitesnake) perfectly complemented by the vital and soulful vocals of Peter Shoulder they are ready to blow the opposition out of the water, if there is some."
Very, Very Highly Recommended

Rating - 10/10

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