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NEAL MORSE - Songs From November (2014)

Genre - Singer Song writer / Prog Rock / Classic Rock
Label - 

Track listing:
01. Whatever Days
02. Heaven Smiled
03. Flowers In A Vase
04. Love Shot An Arrow
05. Song For The Free
06. Tell Me Annabelle
07. My Time Of Dying
08. When Things Slow Down
09. Daddy's Daughter
10. Wear The Chains
11. The Way Of Love

I came across this wonderful album the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. A great mature album full of feeling.
Here's the review that came with the album:

There is few artists in Prog or any genre that produces as much music as NEAL MORSE does. With Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Flying Colors or as solo, with every coming cd, comes the question: How can he top himself this time?.
Earlier this year, Neal was a part of the spectacular Transatlantic – Kaleidoscope cd and now comes his latest solo album “Songs From November”. But as it has been described in earlier press releases, this was to be a singer/songwriter album.
ndeed, “Songs From November” it is precisely that; songs. 
A collection of eleven 4-minute rock&pop songs with some progressive moments, but light and at the service of the composition and with a strong classic rock feel in terms of sound. However, despite the lack of intricate prog craziness, this album is every bit Neal Morse.
The record starts with the commercial rocker "Whatever Days", a groovy opener with a feel-good vibe. It sets up the album nicely and lets you know right off the bat this is not going to be your normal Neal Morse album.
"Heaven Smiled" is the album’s first single, and more of a traditional Neal ballad. With some songs on the CD like this one, you can picture Transatlantic doing it and making it into a 7-8 minute opus.
What follows is the acoustic rack "Flowers In A Vase". This is a different style than you get on Neal Morse's albums, but it is one of the more beautiful numbers on the record. The piano ballad "Love Shot An Arrow" is a powerful moment on the CD and sounds like it could have been on Spock's Beard's Snow.
One of the best tracks on the album is the upbeat "Song for the Free". It kicks off with an acoustic guitar but evolves into a full on rocker with strings and harmonies. It really builds nicely and should make for a killer live song.
That song fades right into "Tell Me Annabelle", a dark tune which atmosphere juxtaposes with the previous.
The surprise track is the very personal "Daddy’s Daughter" which might be overly sentimental for some, but is just a great song and melodically brilliant. 
The album closes with the driving popping rocker "The Way of Love". It’s a great inspirational way to close the album. It has that big ending that Morse is known for.
Neal Morse has been at the forefront of the resurgence of Prog in the last fifteen years. His music has influenced many and his songwriting has changed the way Prog music is written and perceived all around. But at the core of his music are simple, accessible melodies, and earnest, heartfelt lyrics. 
That is what has always set him apart. The incredible musicianship is just another added element. It has always been about the songs and the stories in those songs, and never so evident like in this “Songs From November”.
This time just without the added solos and extravagant instrumental moments, Neal Morse proves here he doesn’t need a million notes to write a great song. 
“Songs From November” is a collection of Neal Morse songs at his purest and most sincere. And it is a welcome addition to his enormous catalog.

As I said a great album well worth checking out

Rating 9/10

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