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RELOAD - Hotter Than A Bullet (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Label -

Track listing:
01 - Give Into the Night
02 - Superhero
03 - Come Back
04 - Longing for Your Love
05 - Candle in the Night
06 - Alone
07 - Higher
08 - Prince of Steel
09 - Survive
10 - Fight

Formed two years ago in Larissa, Greece, RELOAD is a new rocking band which debut "Hotter Than A Bullet" has been produced by the skilled Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud).
Reload's style merge traditional Euro hard rock with a melodic metal touch, and the result is pretty tight and entertaining.
Musically, Reload is driven by the dual guitar attack of Teo Ross / Tasos Lazaridis, both with a very traditional hard rock set up sound and playing, especially the solos, very '80s influenced. The riffs are meaty and well arranged.
And where's the woman? Behind the drum kit. And believe me, Marianiki Toka never miss a beat, playing with ease in a compact manner.
Amongst the best 'melodic heavy rock' - that's how the band like to name their song-style - tracks, there's the really melodious aforementioned "Give Into the Night", the classic hard rocker "Come Back", mid-tempo "Candle in the Night" and the catchy "Longing for Your Love", the more melodic hard rock oriented track on the CD. 
"Prince of Steel" is good metal ballad adorned with Spanish guitar and a nice atmosphere, turning more rocking in the middle. The solo is full of emotion and one of the best on the album.
But as said, Reload has a heavier side, with "Higher", and especially "Fight", being pretty metallic and with a typical European sound from twenty five years ago.
Reload is a promising new band presenting themselves to the Rock scene with this solid, more than decent 10-track debut. 
You can hear Katsionis' hand behind the desk, providing a professional touch to the record. This is specially noticeable on the guitar sound, strong, sharp and with a lot of bite.
"Hotter Than A Bullet" is an enjoyable record, blending hard / melodic metal in the traditional Euro style.

Rating - 8/10

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