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SAINTS OF SIN - The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)

Genre - Hair Metal
Label - 

Track listing:
01 - Last Goodnight
02 - Animal
03 - Judgement Day
04 - Feed The Fire
05 - Goodbye
06 - On Top of My World
07 - Burn The Clubs Down
08 - One More Minute (digital bonus)
09 - Living Young (digital bonus)

Since forming in 2013 in Southampton, UK, SAINTS OF SIN have been bringing their own brand of unadulterated hair metal to venues up and down the country.
This is a band that has grown steadily more popular, both locally and further afield, and after having twice headlined the Insomnia International Gaming Festival, the group are releasing their debut "The Seven Deadly Sins".
It takes some balls to be in a hair metal band nowadays, put yourself in spandex Lycra-clad and use eye-liner on stage, but these young rockers love this genre from the heart, and you can tell that listening their music.
Saint Of Sin's flamboyant sound is made up of anthemic choruses, vocal harmonies and powerful guitar riffs. Think Motley Crue, Ratt or Dokken, with a songwriting firmly established in the Glam territory with roots in traditional, good old fashioned hard rock / hair metal but with a modern spin.
It all kicks off with an opening salvo of “Last Goodnight”. This reminds me of something and it took a while to figure out what it was: Rough Cutt, but on the riff and harmonies, the lead vocals of Rui Brito are more in the Jamie St. James (Black 'N Blue) and fits the music perfectly. There's a very nice guitar work before the solo, combining clean / razor electric guitars ala Dokken.
Second track “Animal” starts with a hair metal trademark: cowbell. Then kicks along at a fairly frenetic pace. This is American styled hard rock at its finest plenty of a backing vocals chorus and there is some awesome guitar work in the middle.
The intro to “Judgement Day” reminds me of Def Leppard, but the infectious riff is raucous and is a big track which somewhat harks back to early Ratt. In fact, all this album takes you back to yesteryear; although it is unmistakeably 2014. It has serious elements of old school but it manages not to be cheesy, merely a little bit tongue-in-cheek.
“Feed the Fire” is another such track, with raunchy guitar harmonics all over the top with some Warrant over it. I defy anyone to sit still whilst they’re listening to it.
Next up is “Goodbye” which starts off slowly, almost ballad-like; but it builds up into a big chorus. There is a soulful guitar solo to provide some atmosphere; I can almost see in my mind’s eye a cheeky, parody 'November Rain-esque' video to go with it.
“On Top of my World” starts off with a drum intro, with guitars screaming in. It’s a fast-paced hair metal aural orgasm, with some killer musicianship & vocals and it’s one of the most mature, hard rock oriented tracks on the CD.
“Burn The Clubs Down” must be a live favourite, with its arena-ready verses and explosive chorus. I would go so far as to say it’s an anthem and it really sticks in the brain with its monster hook and blistering guitar solo.
“One More Minute” turn things lighter in a melodic rock mould with clean electric guitar verses and lots of multi-part vocal harmonies, and then “Living Young” rocks again via a crunchy guitar riff.
Saints Of Sin’s debut is a fun hair metal, feel-good glammy extravaganza of songs that work really well regarding the genre.
It must be pointed that their music is not 'sleazy', this is '80 Americanised Hard Rock / Hair Metal. This record neatly showcases what the band is about and you could easily imagine any of these songs being taken from the soundtrack of an '80s action movie.
These guys should be huge on stage, and are ready for bigger things.
Highly Recommended.

Rating - 9/10

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