Thursday, 21 August 2014

Buckcherry - Fuck EP (Best Buy Edition) (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze
Label - F Bomb

Track listing:
01. Somebody Fucked With Me
02. Say Fuck It
03. The Motherfucker
04. I Don't Give A Fuck
05. It's A Fucking Disaster
06. Fist Fuck (feat. Brian Baker from Minor Threat)
07. Mama Kin (Aerosmith Cover)

California rockers Buckcherry have just released a new EP, simply titled "Fuck", via the band's newly established F Bomb imprint. A six-song EP (although the Best Buy edition includes the bonus track of Mama Kin), that apologetically rattles the speakers as much as it will the censors, the record features six balls-to-the-wall tracks that erupt with gritty riffs and sharp-tongued lyrics, including the radio single and riotous cover of Icona Pop's hit song "I Love It", which the band naturally cranks to 11 and renames "Say Fuck It".
The EP opens up with 'Somebody Fucked With Me', a great mid tempo rocking track with a vocal line that has some real bite and attitude. A great start! Next up is Buckcherry's reworking of the Icona Pop classic 'I Love It' aptly named 'Say Fuck It'. This is a bouncy song with an almost 'ACDC ' 'Thunderstruck' type riff, the perfect choice for a lead single if it were not for the title, chorus and well main vocal line!
'The Motherfucker' follows, quite a classy track to be fair, continuing the EP's theme (based around the word FUCK). Another great song.
'I Don't Give A Fuck' is up next, the song has a feel very reminiscent of the Buckcherry classic 'Too Drunk To Fuck!' and proves itself to be another great song.
'It's A Fucking Disaster' is the Ep's penultimate track and what a track it is. Opening with a great moody riff which slowly builds into a real monster of a song, with plenty of atmosphere and tempo changes, this is surely  guaranteed to become a future Buckcherry classic!
'Fist Fuck' closes out the EP proper, guitar feed back gives way to some great high octane up tempo punky riffs. A great way to close out any release
This Best Buy edition also includes a great and fairly faithful cover of Aerosmith's Mama Kin.
Buckcherry front man Josh Todd has said in a new interview with Yahoo! Music that "Fuck" is "not just some silly rock record," adding, "It's not about offending anybody as much as celebrating the word. There are so many ways to use the word. We wanted to capture that on an EP and not hold back or censor anything." and I have to say that the guys have pulled it off really well!
This EP has only one downside, and that is that its not a full length album, as simple as that!

Very Highly Recommended

Rating - 10/10

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