Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Scaramanga Six - The Eye And Skin Machine EP (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Alternative Rock
Label - Pledge Music
Track listing:
01 - Out Of My Tiny Mind
02 - Rule Of Thumb
03 - Lukewarm
04 - Pulling Teeth From A Phantom Head

The Eye And Skin Machine is the first in a series of three Ep's to be released as prequels to the forthcoming new album, ‘THE TERRIFYING DREAM’.
Its a four track EP, and its a bloody belter!
The EP opens up with Out Of My Tiny Mind, a great song in the typical Scaramanaga Six fashion, featuring a Motown esque chorus with its Four Tops-style question/answer backing vocals, and some just well awesome musicianship throughout. Perfectly understated if you know what I mean.
Next up we have Rule Of Thumb, which is probably as close to a metal track as the band are ever going to record!
Lukewarm follows, with its 60's style feel. An old song by all accounts recently reworked and now immortalised here! I really love this song, in the same way that I love Horrible Face from the bands The Liar- The Bitch And Her Wardrobe album!
The Ep closes with Pulling Teeth From A Phantom Head, a track that was initially left off of the bands previous album, Phantom Head, but now polished off and exposed to the light of day, and thank god because its one hell of a song!
If this EP is anything to go by then we are in for one hell of a treat with the new album (and TWO other Ep's!)
Come on guy's get yourselves over to pledge music and get yourselves pledging!

Highly Recommended,

Rating  10/10

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