Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Lunchbox Bullies - Here Comes The Rain (Digital Single) (2016)

Genre - Acoustic
Label - Self released

Track listing:

01 - Here Comes The Rain

Lunchbox Bullies are a new project featuring Juan Pablo Mazzola (Baby Scream).
In his own words,
""Lunchbox Bullies" is an acoustic duo created by Juan Pablo Mazzola (Baby Scream) and Agus Samur (One Man Dancing) that recreates the music of "Greg Dowell, a crazy misfit and weird and underrated composer from Birmingham
Basically Greg (former known as Chaisaw Murphy) recorded many songs and he's always re recording stuff and for some reason the stuff keeps always unreleased....so we thought it was a cool thing to pay tribute to his songs.
We are going to be releasing more singles with his songs, and eventually, we'll make an album out of them...probably by late 2016"

Now how can I describe Lunchbox Bullies? Well imagine the best, trippiest, most mellow moments from 60's and 70's artist such as the Beatles, Everley Brothers etc with beautiful acoustic guitars and finely crafted subtle vocals and then you are pretty darn close to how these two guys sound.
Now it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Juan's work with Baby Scream but I think that he is onto something really special here with Lunchbox Bullies. The vocal harmonies between Juan and Agus work really well, creating an almost ethereal effect......truly heavenly. The song its self. "Here Comes The Rain" is a beautifully crafted piece of music. Personally I can not wait to here more from these guys. Perfect for those moments when you just need to unwind a little and chill out!

Very Very Highly recommended

Rating - 10/10

The digital single is available here from the bands bandcamp page.

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