Tuesday, 19 April 2016

KNOCK OUT KAINE - Cruel Britannia (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze
Label - Rocksector Records

Track listing:

01 - Cruel Britannia
02 - Love The Way You Hate
03 - Going Down
04 - Copperhead Road

"Cruel Britannia" delivers four tracks; 2 originals, 1 cover version & 1 re-recording.
The cover of 'Copperhead Road' (originally recorded by Steve Earle) has been a Knock Out Kaine live show fan favourite for many years now, so to finally have a studio recording is great especially as the band give their own spin on this bluesy rocker.
Originally released back in 2012 on their debut album House Of Sins, the re-recorded version of 'Going Down' is a very good choice. The original was really good but this version is better still! The band are on fine form and sounds like they had a bloody fantastic time recording it.
Then we have the new 2016 songs.
Track 1 'Cruel Britannia' shows Knock Out Kaine's more serious side. Probably about as political as this band could ever get. Full of satire and cutting social commentary that basically sums up the feeling of the United Kingdom & the current government as it stands. Musically kicks with a vintage hard rock swagger.
'Love The Way You Hate' was originally composed for the band's second album. It never made into the final track list, and I'm glad the band now properly recorded it. It's a catchy melodic rocker with lots of harmony vocals and an infectious riff.

Well worth checking out!

Rating 8/10

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