Thursday, 14 April 2016

Zen Motel - Choking On The Chrome (Part 1) EP (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk / Sleaze
Label - Corporate Records

Track Listing:

01 - Hell Or Nothing
02 - I'm Not Sorry
03 - Choke
04 - Killing Me

Brit Rockers return with a brand new four track EP in the form of "Choking on the Chrome" (they have decided to release their new album a series of EP's instead of a single album release!)
The EP opens with the barn storming track "Hell Or Nothing", that has been floating around the internet for a little while now, a song that captures the vibe and feel of Stations Of The Dead release of a few years back.
Next up we have "I'm Not Sorry". a more melodic rocker of a track with a driven yet laid back tempo and feel. A great sing along chorus too!
"Choke" is up next. This song has a harder more in your face edge to it than its predecessors. Another great song to add to the slowly growing Zen Motel catalogue!
The EP closes out with "Killing Me". This is the classiest track on the EP. Sacrificing its guitar driven attitude for some real atmospherics. A really great song and a brilliant way to close out the EP.
"Choking On The Chrome (Part One)" is a brilliant release from one of the UK's most underrated and overlooked bands.

Very Highly recommended!!!

Rating - 10/10

The EP is available to purchase (For free!) here!

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