Monday, 28 May 2018

Promethium - Faces Of War (2018)

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label - Load 4 Records / Plastichead

Track listing:

01. Enemies Fate
02. Declaration
03. P.O.W.
04. Shell Shock
05. 20.21.15
06. Turncoat
07. Stolen Valour
08. Final Solution
09. Kill On Demand
10. Faces of War

UK metal merchants Promethium return with their third studio album in the form of 'Faces Of War'.

Yet this album is different from its predecessors in the way that 'Faces Of War' is the bands first concept album! Each song telling a different story of war from a different perspective, dealing with the subject of Warfare its effects and consequences. 'Faces of War' opens with 'Enemies Fate', a full on assault of the senses that really does set the scene for the rest of the album. A great marching rhythm section and some great guitar work gets this alum off to a great start. 'Declaration' follows, a beast of a track that is driven by some great vocals from Steve Graham and fuelled by the great drumming of Kev Yates. 'P.O.W.' is up next, a song driven along by the great guitar riffs, whilst lyrically taking the listener on a journey through the torturous experience of being a prisoner of war. Great track! Next we have 'Shell Shock'. a song that lyrically deals with the post traumatic stress of conflict, is yet another intelligent assault of the sense...…Opening as the most subtle and melodic track of the album so far, before exploding into a full on assault, before once again transitioning back into a great melodic section, then back again, seriously this album just doesn't let up! 
'20.21.15' follows, and features a guest vocal appearance from one Barry Mills of Massive Wagons.  Great song that also features some awesome guitar work from Daniel Lovett Horn and Rossi. 'Turncoat' is up next, a much more straight forward metal track than its predecessor, twisting and turning riffs, thundering bass line....perfect.
'Stolen Valour' is just a brutal and intense assault on the senses, a truly great metal track! 
'Final Solution' is a very well researched and provoking lyrical theme, dealing with the Nazi ideals and genocide of WWII, respectful yet brimming with attitude and intensity! 'Kill On Demand' is the albums penultimate track, is another great straight forward metal track that benefits from the  appearance from the former Eden’s Curse / Inner Road legend Jay Parmar delivering a Guitar solo of exhilarating finesse. The album closes out with the title track, 'Faces Of War', is brimming with a defiant attitude that fitting brings a truly fantastic album to an end.Over the course of the bands three releases we have been able to witness Promethium grow and develop into one of the UKs best metal bands of the modern era.

Very Highly Recommended!

Rating: 9/10

Promethium Are:

Steve Graham(Lead Vocals)Dan Lovett-Horn (Guitar)Rossi (Guitar/Vocals)

Henry Greenwood (Bass/Vocals)Kev Yates (Drums)


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