Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Kingcrows - A Murder Most Foul Review

Punk, Rock, glam, Garage band The Kingcrows return with their new 7 track Ep, A Murder Most Foul and instantly you can see the improvement from the last release, and an bonus is that the CD just grows with listen-ability with each new spin!
'Stiletto Groove' is cleverly written withan almost chaotic sound with so much going on that it almost threatens to fall apart, but the band pull it off and the song is just great!
'Sex, Oui' is quite a funky song, showing that band aren't one trick pony's by any means. To be honest I could list all seven tracks, as they all bring something to the plate, which is another plus.
If Garage rock with a punk edge (ala The Yo yo's) is your thing then you should love these guys

Rating 8/10

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