Sunday, 6 September 2009

Penny Lane - Midnight Tales From The Fun House Part 1 Review

Penny Lane has released a brand new limited edition CD entitled 'Midnight Tales From The Funhouse: Part 1' starring Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd and Alice Cooper's Keri Kelli. Kelli produced the disc in addition to helping with guitar duties. Midnight Tales .... really is aband effort too with everyone oone of the 12 songs here being written by various members of the group, so its not just a case of Summers and Kelli guesting they really a part of everything involved here. One possible drawback, is that most of the songs here have a school theme, ala classic Pretty Boy Flyod, yet these guys are well beyond their school days lol.
What we do have here though, is a classic glam album, with a great glam feel. This album stands up along with almost any glam release from the 80's. California Man," "Waiting for You" and "Blood from A Stone" are exceptionally strong tracks. I especially like "Blood from A Stone" - the chorus and main riff are just simply brilliant.
If you like Pretty Boy Floyd, you'll like the new Penny Lane effort. There's a lot of cross-over similarities here. Yes, part of that is because of Steve Summers, but also many of the song lyrics and themes are similar. Basically, this is just a fun Glam record.
Check out the band via their myspace page here at and then check out the album!

Rating 8/10

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