Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Barbarellatones - The Break Up Ghost Review

'High quality trash. Sleaze-Glam with Sleazy Chords, Sleazy Lyrics and even some Sleazy Tuning on their Sleazy Guitars. The Drums are...Sleazy' is what CD Baby says of the new release from The Barbarellatones.
Album opener 'Get Your Freak On' comes across as a moody beach Boys track, and 'Gothic City' just continues the moody feel. Its a beautiful soundscape, with some great chilled out sounds yet somehow maintains that moody meanacing feeling.
The Barbarellatones list themselves as a Glam/Garage/Gothic band and thats a great honest description, imagine a cross between say Poison, Motley Crue and Type O Negative! They sound great!
The only fault I can think of on this album is that they never really rock up the tempo, the songs are all excellent, performed/delivered to perfection, but not one of them gets above mid tempo, instead opting to maintain a dark mood instead, but always maintaining that sleazy edge.
I was suprised at just how much I enjoyed this album!
stand out tracks included, ' Gothic City', 'Grab Your Ankles' (just check out the lyrics lol), 'The Raven' which is just a beautiful song, and 'Unfaithful Lover'.
This album is still a tour d force even if it could do with a fast song or two!

Rating 9/10

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