Saturday, 19 September 2009

Kiss - Sonic Boom Review

Glam superstars kiss return with a 'Sonic Boom!' It's been more than a decade since KISS' last studio album. Eleven years is a decent chunk of time on most scales - but for KISS fans this has seemed an eternity.

Kiss promised that Sonic Boom would be a return to the classic Kiss sound of the 70's and to be fair the guys have managed to pull it off.

So are any of the songs on 'Sonic Boom' destined to become Kiss classics? Well to be honest I really don't know. 'Sonic Boom' is definitely the strongest Kiss album in years, there's no ballads and the vibes in the right place. The Albums sound fits well in the feel of their 70's and early 80's albums but classics, I'm not sure.

All the tracks are great songs with Gene and Paul alternating vocals with each song. Musically the standards reach the high standards, but sometimes lyrically I get the feeling that its a case of Kiss by numbers.

If your a fan of kiss, even in passing you'll enjoy this album, but I'm not sure you're gonna love it.

The great news is that's its a body of new material, and hopefully Sonic Boom gets the ball rolling and the juices flowing,

Ive enjoyed Sonic Boom but I'm looking forward to the next album already!

rating 8/10

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