Saturday, 12 September 2009

Ace Frehley - Anomaly

The original Spaceman returns with an awesome new album,'Anomaly', which is up there with his very first solo album from ’78!
'Anomaly' has the classic Ace sound, with the former KISS guitarist deliberately having tried to get close to his very first solo outing which he pulls off with ease here,
The album kicks off quite heavy with Foxy & Free, which is one of the two oldest songs on the album. (he basically used material he worked on over the last few years (only two songs were written before the time Ace joined KISS again to do a reunion tour in ’96), It’s a bit of a Jimi Hendrix tribute with references to the Hendrix classics Foxy Lady and Voodoo Chile. This is one of my favourites on the album.
'Outer Space' another rather heavy tune (which was written by Ace plus Jesse Mendez and David Askew) is a close second!
Other stand out tracks include ' Pain In The Neck ', The Sweet’s classic 'Fox On The Run', 'Too Many Faces', which has some great lyrics and 'Space Bear'.
To be honest 'Anomaly' is a great album throughout, with its only weakness really being the vocals, but Ace has often commented that he is no virtuoso singer!
Lets just hope that the new Kiss album is as solid when it comes out later this year!

Rating 9/10

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