Saturday, 27 November 2010

Fughu - Absence

(Genre - Progressive / Rock Label - Independant)
Track listing -
01 - Ashes
02 - Dead End Start
03 - Storm
04 - Tilt
05 - Slow
06 - Absence
07 - Snow
08 - Solitude
09 - Sun
10 - Red V
11 - Get Me (inside)
12 - Pain

Stylistic progressive rock that brings to mind the likes of Dream Theater is how Id best describe Fughu. I have mixed feelings about this album, On one hand I thoroughly enjoyed it, masses of tempo changes, interesting instrumental breaks, some great vocal lines, (even if B├╝rgi’s grasp of the English language leaved a lot to be desired at times!), and some solid songs in the veins of Dream Theater and even Fates Warning, but on the other the songs do lack emotion, and even feel a little uncomfortable at times. I beleive Absence is an ok debut album, but doubt that it would set the world alight, but I get the feeling that Fughu are capable of delivering so much more!

Website -
Rating - 6/10

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