Saturday, 22 October 2011

Avenge Vulture Attack - renew Ep

Genre - Rock / Punk / Alternative
Label - Independant

Track listing -

01 - Seven Dirty Bad Things
02 - Renew
03 - You Are Nothing
04 - All About You

London based female fronted rockers Avenge Vulture Attack unleash their third Ep in the form of Renew, a four track offering, giving us their potent mix of pop, punk, rock and alternative styles.

The Ep opens up with, Seven Dirty Bad Things, a seductive riff led track, packed with great melodies and harmonies, a great start to a very promising Ep!
Next up is the title track, Renew, continues in the same vein, solid riff driven tracks with a haunting yet cutting lead vocal from Ella Grace. They really have something special here with her on lead vocals!
You are nothing slows the aggression levels a little, having more of a pop edge, and yes this must be the most painful and direct way to be dumped ever! A great little song.
All About You closes out the Ep and the band have saved the best track until last. A great song that has so much going on and real sense of class about it.
Avenge Vulture Attack really are a promising young outfit, they have some great songs, and billing themselves as "The kids of the 90's meet the kids of the 00's" seems to be quite fitting. You can hear their influences (which include No Doubt, Queens Of The Stone Age and Skunk Anansie), shinning through in both their sound and their style, but they never sound like clones. They have taken the essence of these bands, mixed them together and come out, well with their own sound.
Definitely ones to watch, these guys have the potential to be huge, especially with the immensely talented Ella Grace leading the charge on lead vocals!

Website - AVA
Rating - 9/10

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