Sunday, 2 October 2011

Voodoo Johnson - Black Powder Mother Loader

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Modern Rock / Blues Rock
Label - Polarian Records

Available - 17th October 2011

Track listing -

01 - Dogs Of War
02 - Swear It To The Sun
03 - United Divided
04 - The Garden
05 - Black Skies Mist.

Voodoo Johnson return with a new EP, Black Powder Mother Loader, the first release to feature new vocalist Nik Taylor-Stoakes (ex Vallenbrosa), and by god waht an EP it is!
Now I was both shocked and heart broken late last year when then Voodoo Johnson vocalist, Kevin Bayliss, announced his decision to leave the band after releasing two great Eps and a stunning debut album together, citing the old chest nut of musical difference as the reason. Now for most young bands, losing a vocalist the kalibre og Kev Bayliss, especially on the eve of a major tour supporting Europe, would have been too much to come back from, but not these guys! And thank God!!

Black Powder Mother Loader see's Voodoo Johnson move into a slightlty heavier musical direction, and the added power in the delivery really seems to suite the new material. Nik has a lower vocal register than Kev, but by God he has some pipes and a great range!.

The Ep opens with the riffing power of Dogs Of War, setting out the stall, a powerful opening track and a great sign of things to come! Next up is Swear It On The Sun, a bluesey rock track, with some great guitar work and some excellent crooning thanks to Nik! United Divided is up next, another riff driven rocker, and excellent track, this is gonna be a blast live. Next up and adding a little light to the shade on the Ep is The Garden, a beautiful little acoustic track, that showcases the softer side of Niks vocals. Rounding out the Ep is Black Skies Mist, a song written with non other that NWoBHM and Diamond Head legend Brian Tatler. Black Skies Mist was first aired back in March, as a single, but it closes out this EP perfectly, with its speed and power leaving you wanting more!
Voodoo Johnson's future, and the future of British Rock music is looking bright! These guys are still going to be huge!
I truly cant wait for these guys to release a full length album together!

Black Powder Mother Loader is released on 17th October 2011 through Polarian Records, buy it, check it out, you will not be dissappointed!
Now if only these guys would get together with Hate Gallery for a co headlining Uk tour....hmmmm

website - Voodoo Johnson
Rating - 10/10

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