Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hardstuff - Bulletproof

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Reissue Label - AngelAir Records

Track listing -

01. Jay Time
02. Sinister Minister

03. No Witch At All
04. Taken Alive
05. Time Gambler
06. Millionaire
07. Monster In Paradise
08. Hobo
09. Mr Longevity-RIP
10. The Provider-Part One
11. Jay Time (single version)
12. The Orchestrator

"HARD STUFF was a hard rock band formed by JOHN DU CANN and Paul Hammond from ATOMIC ROOSTER with JOHN GUSTAFSON from QUATERMASS. Signed to Purple records in 1971 initially as BULLET (they had to change their name in early 1972 to HARD STUFF as there was then already in existence an American group called Bullet) Hence the name of their very first album "Bulletproof" released in June 1972

The band toured heavily across Europe (particularly Germany), often as support to DEEP PURPLE and URIAH HEEP. Their career though was curtailed by a bad car accident returning from a gig at The Zoom Club, Frankfurt in which Du Cann and Hammond were badly injured and they spent weeks in hospital in Belgium torpedoing their plans to record the much anticipated second album.
'Bulletproof' is a classic album now much sought after-remastered with bonus tracks on Angel Air."

Another reissue of an otherwise lost classic album courtesy of Angel Air. Hard Stuff had a sound reminiscent of the like of Deep Purple, Elf, Led Zepplin and the like, with solid riffs and well-crafted songs with at times a little pop sensibility. A great mix and this reissue shows just why they were causing the stir that they were back in 1972. The songs have aged considerably well and display just what the band had to offer, before their career was prematurely cut short.

A great reminder for those that were lucky enough to be there in the seventies to witness this band first hand, a great introduction a great band for those who were not, like me. Once again this re-issue comes with extensive sleeve notes written by Jeff Perkins detailing the story of this album and Hard Stuff!

Well worth checking out!

Rating - 9/10


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