Friday, 24 February 2012

Zen Motel - Cranked EP (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Modern Rock


01 - Soul on Fire

02 - Nobody but You
03 - The Pit
04 - Down and Out
05 - The Witch

Zen Motel return with a five trck Ep and all that I can say is where have you been guys , we've missed you!
In their own words the Ep includes, "soul on fire(the first tune dario showed me and how he got in the band, he wrote it, so he sings it)....nobody but you (been around for a while, a paean on smoking)....the pit (another dario tune with lots of swearing!)...down and out (originally written for a movie called 'torn flesh) ...the witch (the sonics classic re worked in zen style)".
the most commercial track on here is Nody But You, with Soul On Fire and The Pit being angst filled high octane workouts.
A great Ep well worth checking out,
Welcome back guys!
rating - 10/10
Its a great Ep and has well wetted the appitite for album number three!

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