Sunday, 4 March 2012

POM - Sleepwalker (2012)

Genre - Acoustic
label - Copro Records


01 - Deep Shift (Solo Guitar)
02 - Blind Man (Solo)
03 - Propeller
04 - Cowboy Junkie
05 - Purple Room (Solo)
06 - Sleepwalker
07 - Rodeo (Solo)
08 - Blind Man (Multi Track)
09 - Re-Admit (Solo Madolin)

There is something about the sound of an acoustic guitar (like the saxaphine and pianno) that is soothing, special and uniquely beautiful, especially when its in the right hands.
Sleepwalker is a nine track album, with some songs / tracks clocking in at nine minutes plus in length, all featuring the amazingly talented Pom delivering his unique blend of classical / pop and rock music with a healthy mix of flamenco and eastern flavours.
This man truly knows how to handle his axe, and its all purly organic. the only effect used is a little reverb added, thats all, no studio trickery just one man and his guitar.
Now guitarist albums are not always to everyones taste, myself included, i generally prefer the addition of vocals, but POM can make nine minutes fly by, such is the graceful flow of his playing. My favourite tracks here are Cowboy Junkie, Re-Admit and Sleepwalker, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the enrire album from begining to end.

A great break from the heavy grind of the typical rock / metal album, well worth checking out.

Rating - 9/10

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