Sunday, 19 July 2015

JONO - Silence (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock
Track listing:
01 - Man of Misery
02 - Wasting Time
03 - Can We Make It
04 - Turn Around
05 - Your Bread
06 - In My Life
07 - Clear
08 - The One to Blame
09 - Opus
10 - Josefina
Jono's music, vision and inspiration marry up the best of early Queen, Kansas and even Toto into a magical recipe that transcends any genre or classification. But if you want it, call it Pomp meets Progressive meets Melodic Rock perfection. And I truly mean that! Jono are the best, pomp rock band that I have heard since Queens classic first two albums!
Jono already set the bar very high with the terrific "Man of Misery". Dynamic, articulated, plenty of nuances and although no Freddie Mercury,a vocalist to die for.
2nd track "Wasting Time" and it does not justify its title, believe me. If the opener was great, this is simply awesome. Jono is melodically perfect, but they go much more beyond with elastic instrumentation, superb arrangements and clinical performances.
"Can We Make It" and the extremely beautiful "Turn Around" are next in line, and the top quality continues. Think like a mix of the rocking Queen, Supertramp, Saga, ACT and City Boy.
But forget the 'Jono sounds like' preconceived opinion... Jono sounds like Jono and like no-other. They take the influences and mash-up everything into something unique.
Their extremely polished sound is pompous, bombastic and sometimes overblown, but never pedestrian.
I could mention all tracks on "Silence" as highlights, because this record is pure gold. Yes, it's close to perfection. Even the cover artwork is magnificent.
JONO are the real deal, quite possibly the most talented Rock band emerged in the last fifteen years (and more).

Very, Very, Highly Recommended!

Rating 10/10


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