Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Slagsterz - So In Love With The Rock n Roll World EP

This is the first release from Sweden's Slagsterz, whom feature the talents of Spinx B'Stard and John Priest, (two former Salvation Star Brigade members), Dallas Chrome (ex-Starlet Suicide / Leaded Fuel) and drummer Pepz.

This three track Ep wears its influences well, 'Southside Entertainment' has a Sex Pistols meets early Hanoi Rocks feel to it, 'Ghetto Blaster' is pure glammed up street punk and 'One More Time' takes the dark brooding styles of Lords Of The New Church and Slagsterizes it!

The Slagsterz have a great musical heritage, and judging from this taster EP a bright and sleazy future ahead of them!

website -

rating 8/10

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