Saturday, 4 February 2012

Therapy? - A Brief Crack Of light (2012)

Genre - Alt-Raock / Brit Rock / Hard Rock

Track listing -

01. Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing (3:57)
02. Plague Bell (4:12)
03. Marlow (4:36)
04. Before You, With You, After You (3:32)
05. The Buzzing (3:39)
06. Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder (4:08)
07. Ghost Trio (5:20)
08. Why Turbulence (3:33)
09. Stark Raving Sane (2:37)
10. Ecclesiastes (5:43)

Therapy? along with many of the other leading lights of the mid 1990's Brit Rock scene such as The Wildhearts, 3 Colours Red, Terrorvision, and Honeycrack knew how to merge beautiful pop sensibilities with heavy riffs, something thankfully Therapy? have never forgotten! The result a special dynamic to their sound, leaving it almost ageless.
A Brief crack Of Light, seems to see the band finding a new wave of inspiration, as there just seems to be be something more refreshed about this album. From the opening track, and lead single, Living In The Shadow Of A Terrible Thing, the band sets the standards extremely high. Its a cracking track, heavy yet strewne throughout with enough pop sensibilities to make Bruno Mars envious!
Therapy? have always managed to mix agression with a certain amount of funk, and this new album is no exception, its Therapy? through and through. 10 cracking tracks, 9 rockers / stompers and one err, well not really a ballad, but a dreamy little closer of a track in the form of Ecclesiates.

A Brief Crack of Light proves that Therapy? have plenty of life in them yet, they still seem to be full of great ideas and more importantly songs.
Highlight tracks include,
Living In The Shadow of A Terrible Thing, Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder, Marlow, and Ecclesiates
A welcome return for one of my teenage heroes!

Rating 10/10

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