Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Eureka Machines - Remain In Hope (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Punk /
Label - Pledge Music / Wrath Records

Track listing -

01 - Good Guys Finish Last
02 - Pop Star
03 - Love Yourself
04 - Getting Away
05 - Affluenza
06 - Believe In Anything
07 - None Of The Above
08 - Wish You Were Her
09 - Living In Squalor
10 - Break Stuff
11 - Eternal Machines

OK so I have been sitting on this CD for a little while now, digesting it fully and well, bloody repeatedly playing the bugger and loving every second of it!
Remain In Hope is the third album to be released by this mighty little (completely independent) band from Leeds and to be fair, although I truly loved its predecessors, (2008's Do Or Die and 2011's Champion The Underdog), its their strongest release to date! Not bad considering that the band were on the brink of calling it a day at one point last year. Thank God that the reconsidered.
The album opens with the unusual choice of slow and mellow track, Good Guys Finish Last, with its chorus recalling certain refrains from Do Or Die's Scream Eureka, before powering in to the first single and ultra catchy Pop Star. Love Yourself and Getting Away follow, both certain to become crowd favourites with their typical Eureka Machines vibe going on throughout.
Affluenza is up next, more of a stop start track, power pop perfection, with a chorus that's guaranteed to annoy your work mates when you sing it out loud at work, and you will, trust me!
Believe In Anything slows the tempo down a little with its multi layered vocals and mellow intro, that slowly builds into something truly special, a really great track!
None Of The Above picks up the tempo alittle with its great horn section. This song is going to be lots of fun live! Wish You Were Her is another great tracks that starts of nice and slow before building into something massive and epic, (the acoustic version is pretty damn awesome too!)
Living In Squalor is reworked here, (the original being a b-side to Being Good Is Okay....), sounding even better with its beefed up guitars!
The album closes with what are quite possibly two of the best songs ever written. The brilliant Break Stuff, which features the mighty Willie Dowling on keyboards!), with its huge epic feel and the awesome Eternal Machines, a song that I just cant find the words to describe adequately. Ironic how this could have ended up being the bands swansong!
Remain In Hope is one of the best albums that will be released this year, by one of the best bands that you will probably have never heard of. Change it, check these guys out and supports a great independent Bristish band!

These guys deserve to be massive!

Rating 10/10

The band are -
Chris Catalyst – vocals, guitars, bass, keys, percussion
Davros – guitars, vocals
Pete Human – bass, vocals
Wayne Insane – big drums, lad vocals

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