Thursday, 6 November 2014

ROBBY VALENTINE - Bizarro World (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Melodic Rock

Track listing:
01 - Interlude Bizarre
02 - Bizarro World
03 - Rockstar
04 - You're Tearing Me Down
05 - Deadbeat Boy
06 - Schizophonicated
07 - Trip To The Moon
08 - Close The Door
09 - From Dusk Till Dawn
10 - Save Our Souls
11 - Black Rain
12 - The Mistake

Multi-talented Dutch phenomenon ROBBY VALENTINE is presenting his 10th studio album "Bizarro World" which has been made via an online direct-to-fan system similar to PledgeMusic. The CD is available at selected music stores only.
It was already a little more than five years ago that Robert Kempe, probably better known under his artist name ROBBY VALENTINE, had brought his own original material to market. After the double compilation CD ‘Androgenius’ Robby has devoted himself to the music of Queen for a couple of years.
Yes, he was involved in the excellent 'Aniday' band / record, but now luckily Valentine realized just in time that also his own work has more than enough quality to be heard and as such he has in the recent period fully focused on writing and recording "Bizarro World".
The Dutch genius has (apart from some additional harmony vocals) done everything himself which is a testament to his latent talent but also his tireless work ethic, also this release sees Valentine releasing this album by himself, without record label pressures.
Of course "Bizarro World" has some Queen influences all over but this is pure Robby Valentine, big, epic, multi-layered and bombastic.
There's trademark RB melodic hard rock gems in the crazy "Schizophonicated" and title track "Bizarro World", a pumping, epic and bombastic number. This anthem is exactly what can be expected when you buy a Robby Valentine album, who, by the way, has returned to the 'Robby Valentine' moniker as performing artist after almost 20 years of using just 'Valentine'.
There's more modern sounds in "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "You're Tearing Me Down", a classic Robby Valentine song with his proprietary cadence, a beautiful orchestrated slow tune with a commercial melody and a radio approach.
"Rockstar" is slick and super melodious, and the Dutch is a master of ballads complete with incredible pianos as heard on "My Mistake" and the more midtempo "Close The Door", that will delight fans of Robby first album, a terrific melodic rock tune driven by an sharp guitar riff and plenty of keys and harmony vocals.
Robby Valentine has recorded another masterpiece (he owns some in the bag), as "Bizarro World" is close to perfection. Inventive, original songwriting, top class musicianship and a brilliant production.
Yes, a 'one man band' shining like 1000 suns... One of the best albums of the year. Period.

Rating - 9/10

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