Sunday, 4 January 2015

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 9 EP (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Rock / Punk / Pop
Label - Self Released
Track listing:
01 - Right In The Feels
02 - The Uninvited
03 - Friends Of Bill
Bonus Demos
04 - Wherever You Go, There You Are
05 - Lively Boy (Original Demo)

So here we are, three parts the way through Gingers awesome and hugely successful G.A.S.S. project, and the quality songs just keep on a coming!
This months new songs are probably among the most immediate of the G.A.S.S. releases to date, but lets not hold that against them, as once again we have three absolutely stonking tracks!
Right In The Feels opens up proceedings this month, featuring the talents of Chloe Marina Dance on vocals and Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines) on vocals and guitar. this song is a nice little mid-tempo rocker. A really nice song with Chloe Marina's and Chris Catalyst's vocals complimenting Gingers perfectly. One of the best songs so far, and that really is saying something!
Next up we have The Uninvited. this song features the talents of Robin Guy (drums), Dave McPherson  (vocals), David Ryder Prangley  (vocals), Jason Knight  (vocals), Hollis Mahady  (vocals), Steve Strange (vocals), Thea Ford  (vocals) and Matt Nasir (Piano). This song is awesome! A slow track song with some great lyrics even if the subject matter is a little dark. The vocal delivery has a great eerie feeling at times.
The last of this months new tracks is the absolutely cracking Friends Of Bill. This song features the talents of  Jimmy Ashhurst (bass & vocals), Mark Gemini Thwaite (guitars & vocals), Robin Diaz (drums & vocals), Mike -Bull’s Eye- Bowen  (vocals) and  Kayla Parzynski ( vocals).
What can I say about this song, well firstly its awesome!. Its a nice fast track with a very fast vocal delivery. The songs opens with a bass line that reminds me a little of the lost and rather obscure Widhearts classic Wild Zero. Its a nice fast paced aggressive rocker. A realy great song that is guaranteed to become a live favourite. The musicians Ginger assembled here for this song are incredible, and I am hoping that we get to hear more from these guys as there seems to be a great chemistry on display here.
Once again all three songs are written by Ginger as well as being mixed by Kevin Vanbergen and mastered by Jon Astley @ Close to the Edge.

This months songs are great well worth the price of G.A.S.S. subscription alone!

Next up we have this months unreleased demo tracks:

In Gingers own words:

"WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE – One of the ‘Barnsley demos’ recorded by Jason Sanderson. I honestly can’t remember recording this one although I do remember exactly where I was when I wrote it. A friend from England moved to LA, became something of a social success and subsequently did nothing but complain about how much she missed being back home. Careful for what you wish for n’ all that, eh?
I’d forgotten all about this song until Kris Coverdale sent it to me for G·A·S·S· notes. I absolutely love this track, to the point where I don’t think a re-recording would do it any justice. I hope you enjoy it too.
LIVELY BOY – The bedroom version of the Mutation track. While the sonics are obviously under par in comparison I actually think this has a lot of charm that was lost in the all singing-all dancing Frankenstein Effect version. Originally planned as part of 555%, I think we made the right decision leaving it for a project that echoed its inherent weirdness.
I always liked this song, which was initially written when standing between three rooms of a record store listening to three different songs playing at the same time. Try it sometime, it’s brilliant fun."

Wherever You Go, There You Are is a beautiful song, a nice melodic track that truly deserves to be heard. knowing how much Ginger dislikes the idea of revisiting old songs this is probably the only chance that we are ever going to get to hear this song, which really is a pity as it truly deserves to have a much wider audience. This song showcases Ginger at his melodic best!
Lively Boy, this is an interesting version of the Mutation track that was destined to end up on The Frankenstein Effect. Obviously the sound lets it down a little, as its rather washed out and weak, but still its great to hear the origins of the song. Its also unbelievable that this song nearly ended up being apart of the legendary 555% sessions!

So once again Ginger has delivered with this months G.A.S.S. instalment. Its just going to be such a shame when all this comes to an end in April.

Speaking of April, Ginger plans a run of solo shows around April / May and has already launched a new project through pledge music, more details of which can be found here!

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