Sunday, 3 July 2016

Paul Miro - Sinombre : 'The Devil's Arithmetic' (2016)

Genre - Dark / Western / Atmospheric / Rock / Acoustic / Soundscape
Label - Pledge Music / Self Released

Track listing:
01- Outlaw
02 - The Devils Ride
03 - All Hope Is Gone (Acoustic)
04 - Ghostheart (Acoustic)
05 - Aces & Eights
06 - Swimming In The Dowling Pool (Acoustic)
07 - Evil Is Comin'
08 - Find The Beast (Acoustic)
09 - Dead Man's Tale
10 - The Only Devil (Acoustic)
11 - The Sun's Gonna Shine (Acoustic)

The Devils Arithmetic is an album that contains some exclusive alternative stripped down versions of some of the tracks from Sinombré Vol I: All Hope is Gone, together with a bunch of cinematic-themed tracks written for TV and film, this collection is only available during the Pledge campaign.
It features stripped down acoustic versions of five of the Sinombre's album tracks in the form of All Hope Is Gone, Swimming in the Dowling Pool, Find The Beast, The Only Devil and Sun's Gonna Shine, giving the listener the chance to hear the these great songs in a different light, and they all translate to the acoustic format very well. Other tracks on offer is the beautiful acoustic version of Ghostheart, the great Evil Is Comin' that would have fitted beautifully on to the Sinombre album, together with The Devils Ride. The instrumental tracks are all great too. This album is a great piece of work in its own right, but when combined with Sinombre Vol 1: All Hope Is Gone, it truly becomes something special.

An essential addition to your Paul Miro collection!

Rating: 10/10

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