Sunday, 3 July 2016

Zen Motel - We Want Your Blood (Remixed and Remastered!) (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk / Pop / Alternative / Modern Rock
Label - Corporate Records (Independent)

Track listing:

01 - Superhuman Colosseum
02 - The Pit
03 - Kill Your Radio (Feat CJ and Si Fricker)
04 - Death Rock City (Feat CJ)
05 - Cut And Run
06 - Bone Deep In Trouble (Feat CJ)
07 - Curse Of the Girlfiend (Feat Si Fricker)
08 - Trust Your Instincts
09 - I Will End This
10 - House Of The Dying Sun

Zen Motel have re-issued their 2012 album, We Want Your Blood! in a remixed and re-mastered form!
Now I thought the original release of this album was pretty darn awesome, but the remixing and re-mastering efforts of band leader Lee Potter really do make this re-issue something special. Everything sounds that much clearer, giving the songs that sharper more crystalline edge.
We Want Your Blood gives us Ten tracks, clocking in at just under half an hour, of angst driven hard rock with some great melodies. The following review follows the albums original track running order, which has been re-jigged a little for the re-issue, but I find myself putting them back in their original order!
Opening with the mighty Superhuman Colosseum, a weighty peice that declares that they have given up giving in before crashing into the The Pit which first saw the light of day on the Cranked EP, still an awesome track, full of energy and angst. Kill Your Radio is up next, a slightly more commercial song that features CJ from the Wildhearts as a guest on guitars and vocals (the first of three tracks to do so!) as well as Si Fricker. This is a great song that debuted via the internet last year, but still sounds great in its finished form. Trust Your Leader follows, again a typical Zen Motel song, filled with twists and turns, another great addition to the back catalogue.
Death Rock City follows, again featuring CJ on vocals and guitars. Here the guys turn the tempo up a little, yet this song still has a very commercial feel to it, a great song that should be a huge hit, again a song that debuted a year or so ago via the internet. Cut and Run is up next, a little more atmospheric to my ears, yet retaining all the punk angst and rock elements. A great song.
Next up is the last of the three songs to feature CJ, Bone Deep In Trouble, a song that takes the album off on a little tangent with its acoustic guitars and almost country feel, this really is a great song!
Curse of The Girlfiend follows, again a song that originally saw the light of day a year or so ago via the internet, darker and moodier than its predecessors, great fun and has a great video too!
The albums penultimate track comes in the form of I Will End This, a song that sees the tempo pick back up together with some great lyrics and riffs. House Of The Dying Sun closes out the album, a slower more epic track but more importantly,another great song  rounding off a great album!
There is so much energy and diversity presented on this album that it truly showcases the bands abilities as both song writers and performers!

This really is a fantastic remix and re-mastering of what was already a great album!
Plus its currently being offered as a pay what you think its worth deal here. so no excuses!

Very Highly Recommended!

Rating: 10/10

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