Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dare - Sacred Ground (2016)

Genre - Melodic Hard Rock

Track listing:

01. Home
02. I’ll Hear You Pray
03. Strength
04. Every Time We Say Goodbye
05. Days Of Summer
06. On My Own
07. Until
08. All Our Brass Was Gold
09. You Carried Me
10. Like The First Time
11. Along The Heather

Dare, formed in 1985, are a hard rock band from Oldham, England, UK, fronted by former Thin Lizzy keyboard player Darren Wharton. Sacred Ground is the bands seventh studio album (check the small 7 marker on the cover art) and promises to be just as much of a huge hit as their debut was. The first thing to be said about "Sacred Ground" is that you only need one listen to be hooked. There is no need to warm to the music, the hook is instant. From the gravelly tones of Darren Wharton’s vocal to the haunting guitar tones from Vinny Burns.
Opening song 'Home' (a classic Dare melody and lyric if ever there was one) is a classy, hook filled melodic AOR tune. The song writing is mature and strong with the heartrending, 'I’ll Hear You Pray' as one of the best exponents, a truly magical song, ‘Strength’ starts with a soothing piano and husky tones of Darren’s voice before again showcasing the spiralling riff of Vinny’s guitar, ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’ is another tune that  pulls at your heart strings.
Vinny Burns guitar work on the album is sublime and often mesmerising, while Darren Wharton's gravely tones are pure classic rock perfection!
‘Along The Heather’ where the lead guitar is handled by Darren’s very own son Paris, is another truly magical moment, a beautiful song.

"Sacred Ground" could well be the very best Dare album to date. It is that good.

Rating: 10/10

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