Friday, 16 September 2016

Zen Motel - Choking On The Chrome (Part 2) EP (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk / Sleaze
Label - Corporate Records

Track Listing:

01 - London Is Dead
02 - I Want Your Drugs
03 - Shatterproof

Brit rockers Zen Motel return with the second instalment of their "Choking on the Chrome" series of EP's  (they have decided to release their new album a series of EP's instead of a single album release!) and the follow up to Choking on the Chrome Part 1 that was issued back in April.
There have been a few delays to the release of this Ep, but what the hey sometimes life crops up and fucks the plans of the best of us, but by God was it worth the wait!
Choking on the Chrome Part 2 delivers three instant Zen Motel classics in the form of London Is Dead, I Want Your Drugs and Shatterproof.
London Is Dead opens things up and it could have quite easily been lifted from the track listing of the bands first two albums, 2003's Transform and Escape or 2007's Stations Of The Dead. Opening with a town crier calling "bring out your dead" before launching into a great riff that subsides to a great melodic and atmospheric verse before the riffs kick back in for the bridge and chorus. Great song! I Want Your Drugs is up next, this ones a little bit different, but awesome non the less. Opening with what could be a dance beat and bass line, before exploding into riffs that merge with some kind of New Wave keyboards. Bloody brilliant!
Shatterproof closes the Ep out. This one has a more laid back feel to it, but still rocks like a mother fucker!
With Choking on the Chrome Part 2 Lee and the guys deliver three diverse and brilliant songs that when added to the four tracks that made up Choking on the Chrome Part 1 give us almost an albums worth of new material, and what an album it would have been!
I'm hoping that there is at least one more instalment to this Choking The Chrome adventure!

Rating: 10/10

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