Friday, 16 September 2016

Zug Izland - The Promised Land - Nebula (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Modern Rock / Alternative
Label - Zug Izland (Self Released)

Track listing:

01 - Lies
02 - Twilight Zone
03 - My Disease
04 - So Perfect (feat. Any Body Killa, Fisty Cuffs & Mike P)
05 - Chemical Girl
06 - Promised Land
07 - Sunny Day (Lucas Larry Jesus Pieces Remix)
08 - Cry (Acoustic)
09 - Idiot
10 - Lick The Flames
11 - Everything (Remix) [Re-mastered]

Zug Izland were originally put together way back in 2003 so the horrorcore rapper Violent J of Insane Clown Posse could record and release the rock album that he had always dreamed of doing. He soon realised that his vocals weren't quite up to the job and enlisted Syn. The result was 2003's Cracked Tiles album which featured all lyrics written by Violent J but performed by Syn. The album went down really well both the critics and fans alike and remains to this day one of the best rap rock cross over albums that I have ever heard. The band went on then to write and record 2004's 333 album that was once again very well received. Then the line up changes started and band started to loose their way. They managed to write and record a further album that was to be titled The Promised Land but the band split and the album was shelved and remains unreleased. Although a version of the album did leak back in 2009, but only a few songs from that leaked album have made this the final long awaited release of The Promised Land - Nebula.
The album opens with Lies, a great song that did featured on the 2009 leaked album, but it has been massively reworked here. Driven along by a great riff that slows down to a real chugger of a track. Always loved this song! Next up we have a new one, Twilight Zone. This a great song that see's the band mix up their musical stylings a little, mixing in some great keyboards, pop / dance beats and some great riffs throughout the chorus. A great song. My Disease is up next. Once again this is a survivor from the original leaked album, but once again they have toyed with the arrangements a little. Yet again a great song. So Perfect follows, this one is more of a rap track and features the rapping talents of ABK (Any Body Killa),Fisty Cuffs and original Zug guitarist / producer Mike P. I have to say that personally I find this one to be the weakest track on the album!
Next we have a re-working of another track from the leaked album, Chemical Girl, which gladly sees the guys getting back on track, with a great acoustic and string arrangement driven ballad.
Promised Land follows, which sees the guys rocking out again. No doubt destined to be a live favourite! Next we have a remixed version of Sunny Day that originally appeared on the bands debut album, 2003's Cracked Tiles. I have to say that I prefer the original, this remix feels disembodied somehow. An acoustic rendition of Cry follows, another song that first appeared on the bands debut album. You may recognise it as the classic track from the cult classic movie, Lost boys. The song works just as well in this stripped down acoustic version as it did in the full blown production back in 2003. Idiot is up next and is quite a fun song that manages to lighten the mood a little after the heavy lyrics of the previous two tracks.
Lick The Flames is the albums penultimate track, a great rocker that first saw the light of day on last years compilation album Toxicology: Zug Izlands Dopest Bangers! The album closes out with a remixed and re-mastered version of the song that opened the bands second album, Everything, which works quite well to close the album.
On a whole, The Promised Land - Nebula, is a good solid album from a great band that are just starting to find their feet again after a long absence, its just a pity that, How Doe's It Feel, Next To Me, Woke Up Screaming and the awesome cover of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall from the 2009 leaked album  didn't also make the cut too, as then, this album would have really been something to be reckoned with!

Rating: 8/10

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