Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I Love Rich - Season Of The Rich.

Here I Love Rich offer up their first batch of new material for a while with Season Of The Rich. This Ep contains five new songs, many of which have already become live favourites. The songs are typical I Love Rich, which is to say straight talking sleazey rock, which is fine by me. The EP opens with 'Full Alnight' which effectively sets the tone, and is quickly backed up with 'I'm Only Here Cuz Your Sister Said No', which has to be one of the best song titles that Ive ever heard! 'Everybody's Getting Laid Tonight' continues the feel before 'I'll Be Around' slows things down alittle, almost giving the impression that the singer (who kind of reminds me a little of Paul Stanley for some reason?) might actually have a heart! Anthem like 'Rise Up For Rock N Roll' closes off the Ep. I Love Rich aren't breaking any new ground here with Season of The Rich, but what they do provide is some excellent sleazy rock!
And you know what, I think I am Loving Rich!

rating 9/10

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