Wednesday, 14 April 2010

69 Shots - 3 Track demo

69 Shots are a Midlands based Rock / Metal / Punk / Sleaze band, playing the kind of music that they want "and if you like us, come join the party! If not, GO HOME! ‘cause we don’t have to fuckin’ impress you!"

The three track on offer here are 'Lost In It All', 'Wipe The Walls' and 'Guilt Trip City', with 'Lost In It All' and Guilt Trip City' proving to be the strongest of the three. 69 Shots have a sound reminiscent of early LA Guns / Drugdealer Cheerleader and at time long lost Brit Glam hopefuls Rich Rags.
The riffs are solid, the solos great (if not electrifying, but then I should state that the three tracks are just rough mixes at the moment!).
69 Shots have some solid songs and a great rock n roll attitude, and must be a shed load of fun live. I'm definitely interested in hearing the full length album after these three tracks have wet my appetite.
Great good old fashioned Rock N Roll!

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rating 8/10

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