Friday, 2 April 2010

Speedjackers - Favourite Sons

Italian hard rock / punk / rock n rollers, Speedjackers return with their second official full album release in the form of Favourite Sons.

The bands sound has matured since the release of their debut album, moving more towards the classic rock end of the spectrum, as witnessed by the two strong opening tracks 'Shake' and 'A Little Boom'.
One of the few problems that I do have with Speedjackers unfortunately comes from lead vocalist Kekko. Now please don't get wrong, Kekko is a fine vocalist, but unfortunately his accent remains very very prominent and at times detracts from the over all feel of the songs, and also for the international market there are a two tracks that have been left in their native Italian language, but with that said, the album contains 10 very well written songs performed by a talented and obviously passionate group of musicians.

If you want to hear promising set of track then Favourite Sons is worth checking out!

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rating 8/10

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