Friday, 2 April 2010

Ictus - Handmade & Homegrown

Leicester-based pop / punk quartet bring us their new 5 track mini album, Handmade & Homegrown, which is released 10th May.

With influences ranging from The Offspring, Fall Out Boy and Green Day (being the more obvious ones) you can kind of guess how these guys are going to sound before you even hear the first note, an infectious blend of melodies and choruses.

Ictus front man Aaron Murray has the sort of shiny-smooth voice that was made to sing this kind of music, even though at times his voice does have its limitations, especially on the shout along choruses. Of the five tracks on offer here Id have to say that 'Car Crash Heart', (upon which Ictus really do try and court the Emo brigade!), and 'Call Me On' are the picks of the bunch even though the softer more mellow 'Papers and Pens' is a pretty damn fine track too!

If you are a fan of the bands mentioned earlier then I see know reason as to why you wont love Ictus, if not, well then maybe you should give these guys a wide birth, for me though personally I don't see any problems with bouncy poppy punk tracks!

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rating 8/10

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