Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dave Evans - Judgement Day

Original AC/DC vocalist (and co founder!) Dave Evans latest release Judgement Day, comes via Rocksector Records.

Now this album was originally released back in 2008, and is now being pushed as He has a short UK tour planned for the end of May.
The sound itself is nicely uncluttered, the guitars all low slung and with a nice bluesy tone. The AC/DC comparisons are inevitable, and opening track 'We Don't Dance To Your Song', really sets the tone for this album, and the AC/DC comparisons continue with "Little Headbanger", its not dissimilar to "Let There Be Rock". The vocals are reminiscent of Dave's AC/DC replacement Bon Scott, and show an energy in Evans but again is slightly let down by lyrics, which are a little clumsy and cliched at times. Don't get me wrong, this album isn't all about paying homage to ACDC, at times it tips its hat in the direction of NWoBHM bands like Saxon etc, so there's a little diversity there.

If you like your rock in the classic AC/DC vein, with a touch of Saxon thrown in their then you really should check this album out.
Good old fashioned low slug dirty blues boogie rock for ya!


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rating 9/10

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  1. On tour in the UK from May 20th-June 5th. London, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle & many more!