Friday, 2 April 2010

Silverjet - Silverjet

Now this CD has been out for a little while, originally seeing it release back in 2008, but Ive only just stumbled upon it and by god I am so happy that I did!

From the opening track of 'Crazy' the scenes set for a good old fashioned classic rock album jammed packed with high quality tracks!
As I have just said, Silverjet play a classic hard rock with a southern blues edge, which is really evident on the albums second track 'Broken'.
The bands influences red like who's who of the classic / hard rock genre, but they manage to maintain a kind of unique sound, and as I said this debut albums jam packed with 12 excellent songs. Vocalist Dave Kerr can hold his own amongst the best of them, Silverjet a really a force to be reckoned with!
Even when the band slow things down little like on 'The Final Chapter' and 'Lie With Me' the songs maintain the strength and power!

A great album from a great Sheffield (Midlands UK) based band that you really should check out!

They are currently searching for a new Rhythm guitarist, but the future looks good!

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rating 10/10

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