Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Obsessive Compulsive - Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams

The debut album from Manchester Gothic / punk / rock band Obsessive Compulsive is a fine piece of work.

Kicking off with ‘$$‘, grunge laden grooves are thrown at you, intertwining with front woman Kelii’s pseudo-hypnotic snarl. The chorus brings forward an attitude that runs through the entire album, “You are the enemy, and we will not be deceived”. Musically it is bold, raw and dirty. Pulsing with energy you can easily pick up hefty nods towards the likes of Hole and Killing Joke. Obsessive Compulsive work best when they are running at full tilt and ‘Spit The Medicine’ is a real belter of a tune 9which for some reson brings to mind lost 90's rockers Die Cheerleader), and ‘Exit’ gives you a track that is destined to be a live classic with audiences bouncing along. The hypnotic Marilyn Manson-esque ‘A Cocktail Of Toxins’ forces itself under your skin and into your psyche showing that they can pull off the darkened slower tracks, and ‘Hell Is a Circle’ simply gives you the creeps.

Dreams Of death and the Death Of Dreams is an album full of raw energy and attitude that just gets better with each listen.

Highly recon mended!
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rating 10/10

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