Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Adrenaline 101 - Twelve Step Programme

Swiss rockers offer up Twelve Step Programme a great contemporary melodic rock album.
This stunning debut album was surprisingly the album was mastered by the legendary GEORGE MARINO in New York, not bad for your debut heh?
Most of the songs are straight-ahead with some AC/DC meets early 80s DEF LEPPARD guitar riffs and melodies, but still sounding fresh. Actually they do remind a little of AIRBOURNE here and there, but with songs like “Brand new day”, “Golden frame” (very catchy tune, really sounding like something DEF LEPPARD could have done back in 1983) and “Your touch” they even deliver some great catchy pure uptempo 80s type of US melodic rock a la LOUD’N’CLEAR, KNOW ILLUSION, SIC VIKKI, AUTOGRAPH...
Frontman Delon Cyclon has a great set of pipes on him, really bringing the songs to life.
Adrenaline 101 have a bright future ahead of them, this CD is highly recon mended!

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rating 9/10

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