Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Various Artist - Haiti Project (Round Records Charity Album)

Now I usually treat charity albums with a very wide birth, but just check out the track listing below!

Its packed to the brim with talent and quality, plus it carries an exclusive new track recorded by Ginger from The Wildhearts new project The Sonic Graffiti!

This really is a great album, a great way to introduce yourself to all of the bands that have so kindly donated their material, a great way to help a great cause, and of course a great way to just get a hold of and enjoy some great music. the albums available via download only from the following website - and all the profits are going to help the survivors of the Haiti Tradegy.

Full track listing is -
1) The Sonic Graffiti – Mystery Number (Exclusive)

Written and recorded by Ginger, Billy Morrison, Michael Butler & Scott Lipps in LA in August 2009. Produced by Mike Clink. The worldwide debut by The Sonic Graffiti.

2) Eureka Machines – Being Good Is Ok, But Being Betters Better
A fan favourite on both sides of the Atlantic, this pop rock nugget is lifted from their debut album Do or Die.

3) Electric Six – Newark Airport Boogie
One of the highlights from their new album ‘Kill’ which is out now.

4) Jackdaw 4 – Jesus Wants My Soul Back
Taken from the bands second album (Bipolar Diversions), their new album is due in the summer.

5) The Loyalties – Sofa Surfin’ UK (Acoustic)
Previously only available in Japan. Original version can be found on the bands ‘So Much For Soho’ album

6) Antiproduct – When We Find Love
Taken from the bands latest release “Please Take Your Cash”

7) The Organ Beats – Happy Birthday/Come On Home
Fronted by Noelle LeBlanc, (formerly of Boston rockers Damone) this track is lifted from their debut self release ‘Sleep When We Are Dead’

8) The Wildhearts – Unbroken
A classic Wildhearts track previously only available as a B-side in the UK on the ‘New Flesh’ Single. It was taken from the ‘White Album Sessions’ in 2007.

9) Tragedy:All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees – Nights On Broadway
An awesome new track from the New York glitter machine.

10) Radio Dead Ones – Take It On Trust
German street punk at its very best, lifted from their 2008 self titled release.

11) Ricky Warwick – Love Owes
Taken from the former Almighty frontmans ‘Love Owes’ EP.

12) Brijitte West (Feat. Jesse Malin) – How To Be Good
Taken from 'Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls', released Feb 22nd 2010 on Devils Jukebox Records.

13) Moi? – This Is All That I Wanted
New Yorks only purveyors of ‘Beauty Rock’..

14) Laika Dog – Piano Song
Former Terrorvision frontman Tony Wright spearheads this indie rock outfit. Lifted from the bands second album ‘Mercury’

15) Sorry & The Sinatras – Riverside
Turbo Charged punk rock n roll taken from ‘Highball Roller’ on Undergroove Records

16) Children of The Unicorn – Nightshark
A classic track that deserves to be in everyones collection, from the mind of Jonathan Utah

Rating 10/10

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