Monday, 25 October 2010

Baby Scream - Baby Scream

Track listing -

01 Powerpop Crush
02 Exile
03 Jekyll & Hyde
04 Mental Case
05 The Ghost of Valerie (Feat. Eric Dover)
06 Watching the End of the World (On TV)
07 Nipone
08 Lazy
09 What About You ?
10 Twenty Seven

Argentinean singer/songwriter and Baby Scream leader Juan Pablo Mazzola has returned with his latest offering, 'Baby Scream', a brilliant combination of classic rock licks and power pop sensibilities that sits comfortably somewhere between both John and Jullian Lennon and T-Rex.
Readers of Glitzine will be no stranger to Baby Scream, as I have reviewed their previous two eps before, but this time things are slightly different.
Yes Baby Scream still deliver that laid back chilled out kind of music that they have always done, but somehow on this album things feel a little different, the guitars seem to have more bite, the vocals have just a little more urgency about them and to be honest the effect is wondrous.
All ten songs on offer here are brilliant, but a couple really do stand out as something special, The Ghost Of Valerie (feat. Eric Dover of Jellyfish,Slash’sSnakepittt, Alice Cooper), What About You, Watching The End Of The World (On TV), Mental Case and Powerpop Crush, have a certain something about them that could make them powerpop classics!
Fans of Jackdaw4, John Lennon, 90's Britpop will love this album!

Very Highly recommended

rating - 10/10

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