Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Michael Monroe - Another Night In The Sun/Live In Helsinki

Hanoi Rocks frontman and all round rock n roll legend, Michael Monroe, returns with a new live album, that features twobrand spanking new songs and a mix of solo/Hanoi Rocks and rock cover songs. The ever exuberant frontman has put together one hell of a band too, featuring non other than Ginger, Sammi Yaffa, Steve Conte and Karl Rockfist
The guys blast through an almost perfect setlist that prettymuch covers Michaels whole career with such ease that you'd think that these guys have played together for their whole lives. The classic's just keep coming, the very well chosen cover versions fit perfectly too, and what can I say about the two new songs?
The new songs - 'You're Next' and 'Motorheaded For A Fall' are brilliant, and bode well for the new studio album due to drop next spring.
This is an excellent live album, very much warts an all, yet with a very clever and clear mix / production, and quite possibly the best live album that 2010 will see!

Track Listing
1. Nothin's Alright (Demolition 23)
2. Motorvatin' (Hanoi Rocks)
3. Hammersmith Palais (Demolition 23)
4. You're Next
5. Not Fakin' It (Michael Monroe)
6. Dysfunctional (Demolition 23)
7. I Wanna Be Loved (Johnny Thunders)
8. Love Song (The Damned)
9. Machine Gun Etiquette (The Damned)
10. Motorheaded For A Fall
11. Back To Mystery City (Hanoi Rocks)
12. Malibu Beach Nightmare (Hanoi Rocks)
13. Dead, Jail or Rock 'N' Roll (Michael Monroe)
14. Ain't Nothin' To Do (Dead Boys)
15. I Feel Alright (The Stooges)


Very highly reconmended, as is the new studio album set to follow early next year!

rating 10/10

website - http://www.michaelmonroe.com/

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