Monday, 25 October 2010

Pilotlight - The Post War Musical

Track listing -

01 - All Purpose Underneath
02 - Pulling On The Doors That Say Push
03 - They Had Names
04 - Bringing Flowers To The Black Banks
05 - Health & Safety
06 - Bite Your Nails
07 - Bells
08 - Afraid Of Heights
09 - South
10 - Music To Cross The Road To
11 - Letting Balloons Go
12 - The Shortest Route To Happiness Is A Straight Line

Pilotlight are an Alternative / Indie / rock band hailing from the UK (Dublin / London). They were formed back in 2006 and have already caused a little bit of a stir, with their music being used for last summers world cup promos on RTE television, (The Irish equivalent to the BBC).
The Post War Musical is the bands debut, and what a debut! The production is incredibly polished and the songs are beautifully constructed. The band really manage to pull off that dark brooding atmospheric type of sound, and their sound has been compared to that of early Radiohead and even Cold Play.
I'm not sure how they manage to pull it off but each and every song has both a sense fragility and strength, and listening to this album is a wonderful experience as the band take you on a journey through each and every track.

Highly recommended, Just sit back and chill!!
rating 9/10

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