Monday, 25 October 2010

Applespacebar - Songs You Might Like

Track listing -

01 - Bright Light Shine
02 - Little Box Of Secrets
03 - Let Me Down Easy
04 - To Whom It May Concern
05 - Simplify
06 - Hope
07 - Cant Make You Believe
08 - Picture This
09 - The Extra Mile
10 - Winners And Losers
11 - Let Us Live

Alternative / Rock / Powerpop band Applespacebar hail from Birmingham USA, offer up their second full length album in the form of Songs You Might Like. Lead guitarist, Ben Trexel, claims the band play guitar-driven modern rock, but they verge definitely more on the pop side of the spectrum than the rock side in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, all the songs are well written and perfectly executed, the band have a solid line up in guitarist/composer Ben Trexel, vocalist/lyricist Johnny Nine, guitarist Patrick Prantl and drummer Lake Trechsel. yet I find the music a little light weight for my liking.
'Ultimately, we want to write songs that stand on their own, stand the test of time, and get played on the radio,” claims Trexel, and they may well do, but I doubt that they will be setting the world on fire any time soon, sorry but I guess it all comes down to personal taste.

Rating 7/10

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