Monday, 25 October 2010

Arcadia - Roy Philip Nohl

Track listing -

01. Roy Philip Nohl (intro)
02. I Sold Drugs to Little Red Riding Hood
03. Slaughterhouse, Obituary, and a Love Story
04. New Skin
05. Dead by Six O’ Clock
06. Because of You
07. Red Roses and Vermin
08. Vampire
09. Nice Pix of the End of the World
10. Ten Milligrams
11. The Morning After

ARCADIA is a three piece Italian hardcore band. They bring us very technical, interesting music, and whilst it my not always be to my personal taste, it is always very well written and executed, and always interesting and even myself, whom will admit that I'm not a large fan of the genre, can find them very listenable and altogether enjoyable!
These guys have been around for some time now, with this being their forth release, and you can see how the band have grown and progressed.
Fans of the genre will probably love this cd, and anyone interested in checking the genre out could do far worse than giving this cd a spin.!

rating 8/10

website -

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