Sunday, 6 February 2011

No Strings Left - La Pris De La Bastille

Genre : Rock / pop / /punk
Label : Upton Records / New Model Label
1. Avant la bataille
2. No strings left
3. East of the sun
4. Campaign
5. November
6. Manage your beauty (olvidate)
7. Wastin' time
8. Little song to dance to
9. The eternal promise of charm
10. Un istante prima
11. Get me out
12. Outro

Italian rockers, No Strings Left, offer up their debut album, a great mix of high energy pop punk / rockers and psychadelic 60's inspired soundscapes. The band are heavily influenced by the sounds of the late 70's and 80's, and an ear for a punky pop rock track such as No strings Left and Manage Your Beauty. Wasting Time is one hell of a track too.
A great album to drive too, and a band that are well worth checking out!

Website -
Rating - 8/10

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